7/20/2009 3:02:35 PM



(Greenburgh, NY) ~ Westchester County Legislator Lois Bronz (D,WFP-Greenburgh), along with civic organizations, community groups and houses of worship will host a community meeting to discuss plans to ensure a complete count in the U.S. Census.  The Greenburgh meeting will begin at 7:00pm on Tuesday, July 21st at the Greenburgh Town Hall, located at 177 Hillside Avenue (between Indian Trial and Tomahawk Drive).


The 2010 census is critical for New York, as it would ensure a complete and accurate count of every New Yorker is essential for the State and its communities to receive their fair share of state and federal funding and political representation. Census data is used to determine the need for social services, including community development block grants and other grant programs essential to many communities. “Census information helps determine locations for schools, roads, hospitals, child-care and senior centers, among other things,” said Legislator Bronz.  “An accurate count means counting every New Yorker where they live according to the Census Bureau’s residency rules.”  Also available at this meeting is the opportunity to apply for available Census jobs.  Depending on the activities at the time, the Census Bureau needs many thousands of workers throughout New York State.  Most of these jobs last about 6 weeks, have flexible hours, and are in found within the county’s municipality.


These community meetings, which will take place throughout the spring and summer, will include presentations on organizing local “Complete Count Committees.”   The committees are appointed by mayors or other elected officials and will include leaders from the business, education, faith, media, nonprofit, ethnic and other communities. The committees will work together on community events such as festivals, parades, meetings and other activities to ensure an accurate count in the census.  


Census information is the foundation of equal representation in the state Legislature and determines the allocation of billions in federal money for everything from education to transportation. Additionally, the census will employ an estimated 8,000 New Yorkers throughout the process.


For more information about the 2010 census in Westchester, visit http://www.empire.state.ny.us/nysdc/Census_2010/ or contact Brian J. Connolly at (914) 995-6252 or bjc4@westchestergov.com.









Speakers will Present Free Cost-Saving Electricity Reduction, Health and Safety Strategies can Help Mount Vernon Residents Save Energy and Money on their Utility Bills

7/20/2009 3:48:01 PM



(Mount Vernon, NY) ~ Westchester County Legislator Lyndon Williams (D,I,WFP-Mount Vernon) is pleased to host a community forum on energy-reducing incentive for Mount Vernon homeowners.  The forum will begin at 6:30pm on Tuesday, July 21st at the Mount Vernon Library, located at 315 Snoqualmie St. (between South Second and Cleveland Avenue in downtown Mount Vernon).


Legislator Williams has invited EmPower New York to explain how their program can help Mount Vernon residents save money on utility bills.  The focus of EmPower New York is on cost-effective electric reduction measures, particularly lighting and refrigerator replacements, as well as other cost-effective home performance strategies such as insulation, and health and safety measures. On-site energy use education provides customers with additional strategies for managing their energy costs.  EmPower New York offers:


  • FREE energy audits of your home aimed at finding ways for you to save energy and money on your monthly Con Edison bills.
  • FREE replacement refrigerators, where necessary.
  • FREE energy saving light fixtures.
  • FREE energy efficient light bulbs.
  • FREE blow-in insulation, where necessary.
  • FREE health & safety measures such as smoke and CO detectors.

EmPower New York is a program of New York Energy $mart, operated by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), a public benefit corporation established by law in 1975, administers funds and programs under an agreement with the Public Service Commission.  New York Energy $mart Programs are designed to lower electricity costs by encouraging energy efficiency as the State’s electric utilities move to competition.







7/20/2009 4:43:46 PM

(White Plains, NY) ~ The Westchester County Board of Legislators’ Committee on Community Services hosted a presentation by representatives from the Hudson Center for Health Equity & Quality (HCHEQ), the creator of the web-based tool, “Enroll NY”, a state-sponsored resource that helps you find out if you are eligible for free or lost cost health insurance. All these programs are based on income requirements and for New York residences only.

Marlene Ripa, Account Manager, and Sherri Ehrlich, the Director of Business Development and Account Management for HCHEQ gave presentations providing additional information about the program, as well as demonstrations covering how the website operates and how to access information. In addition to both presentations, the speakers were available to answer questions presented by the board and members of the public.   Presenters walked legislators through the initial selection process, step-by-step describing that after the initial screening from a new applicant is complete, a representative will contact the applicant within 78 hours to discuss their health care options, based on the results of the online screening.


“This is an excellent program that is assisting with the placement of so many residents who are struggling with rising health care costs” said Legislator Lois Bronz (D, I, WFP-Greenburgh), Chair of the Committee. “Enroll NY offers a tangible solution and the process is simple.”  The County Board of Legislators will continue to support Enroll NY and other programs that seek to help county residents obtain health care coverage.


Those interested in learning more about Enroll NY can access the free service by clicking on the image below.


Find free and low-cost health insurance for you and your family - EnrollNY.org

RE: Governor Paterson’s Announcement of Affordable Housing Grant Allocation of $520,000 to Westchester County

7/21/2009 9:13:04 AM



“As Chairman of the County Board, affordable housing for working families and seniors has been a priority.  These housing rehabilitation grants from the state will ensure that low-income individuals, seniors and people with disabilities will not be locked out of the American dream of living in a home of their own.”


“Of added significance is the fact that these rehabilitation projects will help seniors repair dangerous conditions in their homes and allow people with disabilities to make their homes safer. These rehabilitation projects will provide much-needed work for local contractors and small businesses and new jobs for local residents.”


“I thank Governor Paterson and State Division of Housing and Community Renewal Commissioner Deborah VanAmerongen for their continuing commitment to Westchester’s working families.  I look forward to working with the Administration in ensuring that county residents receive the maximum benefit of this allocation, and making sure that the families that have been hardest hit by the economic recession are given the highest priority.”   








Westchester County Legislature Chairman Ryan and Legislator Bronz Launch a New Online Recession Survival Guide for Westchester Residents

7/21/2009 3:26:31 PM



(White Plains, NY) – With prices going up, a dollar doesn’t go as far anymore.  That’s why Westchester County Board of Legislators Chairman Bill Ryan (D, WFP-White Plains) and Legislator Lois Bronz (D, I, WFP-Greenburgh), Chair of the the Board’s Community on Community Services have launched a new recession survival guide, where residents can find cost-saving and, sometimes even free, resources within the county to help residents not only survive, but thrive in this economy.  The online recession survival guide, known as “Saving Your Cents”, can be found on the County Board’s website, www.westchesterlegislators.com/Resources/SavingYourCents


“There is no armor, no shield that can protect us from any financial crisis,” said Ryan. “Many Westchester residents have been affected by the recession – but, not all in the same way. Some face mortgage troubles. Others face job layoffs. And in a tough economy, budding professionals are finding fewer opportunities. But, there are some basic things we can do to make sure we weather this financial storm. I’m encouraging Westchester residents to take advantage of this new free online resource.”


As the fiscal crisis deepens, the County Board is doing everything possible to ease the burden on taxpayers. From savings on gas prices, subsidies for child care and free copies of resumes to discounts on hair cuts, dining out and assistance for job seekers, this recession survival guide gives residents much of what they would need to get through these rough times.  A recession can bring many challenges, and “Saving Your Cents” offers free resources and insight into surviving these difficult periods.


“Times, right now, are tighter and harder. But, this is not to say that times are impossible to survive on,” said Legislator Bronz. “In fact, with a little creativity and a lot of forbearance, you can actually ride the economic recession tide and come out the victor.  This recession survival guide is a must-have for all county residents.”