Committee Chair Executive Departments / Topics Assigned
  Appointments James Nolan County Officers, Departments, Boards and Commissions
  Budget & Appropriations Jewel Williams Johnson Budget, Finance, Tourism, A&C, Human Resources, Consumer Protection, 
Board of Elections, County Clerk, WCC
  Economic Development Ben Boykin Economic Development, IDA, LDC
  Environment, Energy
& Climate
David Imamura Air, Water, Agriculture, Office of Sustainability
  Health Jewel Williams Johnson Health, BOH, Labs & Research
  Housing Tyrae Woodson-Samuels Housing, Dept. of Planning
  Human Services,
Human Rights & Equity
Catherine Parker Dept. of Social Services, Human Rights Commission, Office for Veterans, 
Office of the Disabled, Office for Women, LBGTQ
  Inter-Governmental Relations
& Access to Services
Catherine Borgia Local, State & Federal Affairs & Services
  Law & Major Contracts Damon Maher Lawsuits, Settlements, Agreements and Contracts over $1 Million,
Labor Contracts
  Legislation Colin Smith Office of the County Attorney, Local Laws, Acts, Resolutions
  Parks & Recreation Syrma Brandon (Interim Chair) Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Conservation
  Public Safety Terry Clements Dept. of Public Safety, Dept. of Corrections, Dept. of Emergency Services, 
Dept. of Probation, Police Reform Task Force
  Public Works &
Erika Pierce Dept. of Public Works & Transportation, Airport, Dept. of Environmental Facilities, 
Solid Waste Commission, Dept. of Information Technology
  Rules José Alvarado
& Margaret Cunzio
Board Rules and Procedures
  Seniors & Youth José Alvarado Dept. of Senior Services, Youth Bureau

Task Forces