Chair: Catherine Borgia

Vice Chair: Vedat Gashi

Committee Members: Nancy Barr, Margaret Cunzio, Christopher Johnson, Damon Maher, Catherine Parker, David Tubiolo, Ruth Walter, Alfreda Williams

Staff: Gregory CasciatoAlessandra Restiano

The Budget and Appropriations Committee is charged with maintaining the fiscal integrity of the County and with ensuring that Westchester’s taxpayers receive the most efficient and effective government at the least cost. To this end, all matters of budgetary significance are referred to the Committee for discussion before being referred to the full Board. In the course of the County’s fiscal year, the Committee:

  • Contracts for and reviews the annual independent audit of all county financial dealings, transactions and records conducted by an outside CPA firm;
  • Reviews and modifies, where appropriate, the proposed county budget;
  • Monitors all county operational and capital expenditures;
  • Analyzes and reviews all fiscally related matters and makes recommendations on those matters to the full Board for consideration;
  • Seeks opportunities for operational reform that will lead to better and less costly county government.

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Citizens Budget Advisory Committee:
  • Lawrence Fasnacht
  • Al Gatta
  • William Kay
  • Mark Lewis
  • John McGarr
  • Rodman K. Reef
  • Beth Smayda
  • Carolyn Stevens
  • Judith Stern
  • Julie Stern
  • Edward Van Dolsen

The Citizens Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) seeks regular input on fiscal matters from the public through monthly meetings, which the public is invited to attend.

NOTE: Meetings can change before the scheduled date as per open meetings law.