Williams secures $174,000 in county funds needed to restore services designed to meet the needs of Mount Vernon youth

6/9/2009 11:34:15 AM



In response to a critical need to save vital youth programming in Mount Vernon, the county Board of Legislators approved an intermunicipal agreement (IMA) with the city of Mount Vernon at tonight’s Board meeting.  The funding agreement totals $174,000 over the next 18 months.  “I’m thrilled to have worked with my colleagues, here on the Board, to secure this allocation for my community,” said Legislator Lyndon Williams (D, WF-Mount Vernon). “The Mount Vernon Youth Bureau works very hard to provide essential youth services on a shoestring budget.  When I was informed that contracts for several key programs had expired and were placed in serious jeopardy, our community had to come together quickly to take necessary action.”


The IMA will save three unique initiatives developed by partnerships of diverse service providers offering various programs for youth.  These successful programs, slated to receive funding from this allocation are “Step Up!”, a unique training/mentoring program that is designed to foster better relationships between law enforcement and the at-risk make youth population; the “Safe Haven After-School/Summer Camp”, which serves over 80 young people, provides daily academic enrichment and positive development and recreation to community youth; and, several summer youth employment agencies, which conduct constructive leadership activities, skill development, and positive youth enhancement strategies. “Today’s youth face many challenges,” said Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton Young.  “In just a short time, Mount Vernon’s Step Up! program has become recognized as the very best program of its kind in Westchester, so I would like to thank Legislator Williams for his efforts in getting this valuable program restored.”


Today’s IMA is one of several that have been adopted by the County Board, in an effort to preserve vital youth resources as the community-based level.  As the fiscal crisis deepens, now more than ever, the County Board is doing everything possible to preserve its capacity to provide children and youth with high-quality youth development and delinquency prevention programs, as families struggle to keep their children safe and engaged in positive and productive activities. “This is a great action taking by the Board” said County Board Chairman William J. Ryan (D, I, WF-White Plains).  “Programs such as these do a tremendous job in keeping kids out of trouble and off the streets.”







Legislator Alvarado returns to his native Honduras to accompany U.S. Congressional Delegation for the 39th OAS General Assembly

6/9/2009 11:37:09 AM



Westchester County Legislator Jose Alvarado (D, WF-Yonkers) joined U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodhman Clinton, U.S. Representatives Eliot Engel (D-Bronx, Westchester) and members of the U.S. Congressional delegation for the 39th Organization of American States (OAS) General Assembly, held from June 2-3 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  The Organization of American States (OAS) brings together the nations of the Western Hemisphere to strengthen cooperation on democratic values, defend common interests and debate the major issues facing the region and the world. It is made up of 35 member states: the independent nations of North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. OAS is the region’s principal governmental entity for strengthening democracy, promoting human rights, and confronting shared problems such as poverty, terrorism, illegal drugs and corruption.


Alvarado, a native of Honduras, was thrilled to join with Engel, Clinton and others.  “I was honored to participate, as an observer, in this year’s General Assembly, and it was, indeed, a pleasure to escort my colleagues around my beautiful homeland.  The U.S. delegation held several meetings throughout the conference on how to strengthen relationships between the United States and Latin American and Caribbean nations.”


Alvarado was first elected county legislator for the 17th District of Southwest Yonkers in 2001, earning him the distinction of becoming Westchester’s first Hispanic/Latino county legislator. In his three terms on the County Board, Mr. Alvarado has served on several committees including Public Works, Transportation, Labor & Parks; Community Affairs; and, Seniors. Currently, County Legislator Alvarado is chairman of the powerful Budget & Appropriations Committee.



IMAGE 1 ( Left to right) ~ U.S. Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-Queens), U.S. Congressman Eliot Engel (D-Bronx, Westchester) and Westchester County Legislator Jose Alvarado at a reception during the 39th General Assembly of the Organization of the American States

















IMAGE 2 ~ U.S. Congressman Eliot Engel, Legislator Jose Alvarado and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton





















IMAGE 3 ~ Westchester County Legislator Jose Alvarado speaks with U.S. Congressman Eliot Engel during the 39th General Assembly of the Organization of the American States






























County holds 1st ’Shared Services’ conference for local government and school officials

6/10/2009 5:52:15 PM



Last week the Board of Legislators and the County Executive’s Office held a conference for over 100 local government and school district officials to provide them  information about the wide variety of resources and services available through the county. By using the county’s “Shared Services” program local government and schools can save money and reduce the burden on local property taxpayers.


In attendance were County Board Chairman Bill Ryan, Legislators Mike Kaplowitz, Ken Jenkins, Martin Rogowsky, Bill Burton, Lois Bronz and Judy Myers, who had the following message to local governments and county taxpayers:


"County ’Shared Services’ is about smart spending and keeping more money in our taxpayers’ pockets. Why should our local government pay more for something when it can get it for free or at a reduced cost through the county? If our local police department requires forensics investigation services, why not tap the county’s expert forensics unit for ballistics analysis, digital evidence and crime scene investigation?  Does our local government need highway signs, communications network or email services? Does it need to dispose of e-waste or sensitive documents? Does it want to “go green” and convert a fleet of vehicles to run on cooking oil or install diesel emission control equipment? If our school district needs a few new vehicles, it can buy these at a lower price, by taking advantage of county purchasing power.


Why should our local government go it alone and incur public bidding costs when the county has already gone through the bidding process. And with public bidding requirements satisfied, our local government can reap the advantages of the lower prices offered under existing county contracts. When we share services, we cut costs. "


Click here to view a clip of CBS Channel 2 News’ coverage of the event.


The county offers many services to local governments and school districts.  To see the full menu of county services, and those resources, expertise, technology and programs available, please visit  www.westchestergov.com/sharedservices.










6/11/2009 12:04:12 PM



Click here to read Vito Pinto’s, District 10 Summer 2009 Newsletter.





Westchester County Board responds to concerns from MWBE community with the creation of a Subcommittee with oversight ability

6/12/2009 5:07:57 PM





Westchester County Board of Legislators Chairman William Ryan (D, I, WFP-White Plains) will announce the creation of a new subcommittee of the Legislature on minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBE).  Legislator Lyndon Williams (D, WFP-Mount Vernon) will be named Chair of this new committee, which will have direct oversight over the County’s MWBE program and bid-contract award process






  • Speakers to attend are (still in formation):
  • Westchester County Board of Legislators Chairman William Ryan
  • Legislator Lyndon Williams (D, WFP-Mount Vernon)
  • Members of the Westchester County Board of Legislators
  • Robin Douglas, President of the Westchester African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Michael Carriere, Representative for District Council 9 IUPAT Local Union 113




Westchester County Board of Legislators Legislative Chamber


800 Michaelian Office Building
148 Martine Avenue, 8th Floor (corner of Court Street)
White Plains, NY







Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 at 10:00am sharp






Recently, the topic of MWBEs has become a source of dialogue in government circles, especially from Albany, with commitments made by NY Governor David Paterson to encourage and assist state agencies in their efforts to increase participation by MWBEs on state contracts so as to facilitate the award of a fair share of such contracts.  However, it has been determined that this growing segment of our county’s business sector has been underutilized and often overlooked during the competitive bidding process for county contracts.  The County Legislature has a history of leading on issues of public interest and concern to its residents. 


The creation of this new subcommittee will seek to remove and ensure that any resident who seeks to become financially independent by engaging in business and entrepreneurship should find a fair and open environment in Westchester.  


This new subcommittee will have unique oversight responsibility which will include: 


  • Ensuring Westchester County provided fertile ground for the development of MWBEs, promote employment opportunities, a more open competitive process and fair access to the County’s contracting process.



  • Ensuring the practice of “fair share” contracts as stated in the State Article 15-A of the Executive Law is adhered to in Westchester



  • Examining and addressing the disparities between the number of qualified MWBs ready, willing and able to perform county contracts for commodities, service and construction and the number of such entities actually engaged in such contracts within the County.



  • Recommending changes, if any, to state and/or county policies affecting MWBEs, where appropriate



  • Reviewing and recommending corrective County action affecting MWBEs, where appropriate



  • Ensuring MWBE’s fully participate in opportunities provided by anticipated Federal stimulus initiatives



  • Promoting and fostering better relationships between the County and MWBEs