White Plains, NY — All seventeen members of the Westchester County Board of Legislators on Saturday, wrote to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and members of the Minneapolis City Council, to condemn the killing of George Floyd and to call for swift, fair and total justice by state and local authorities in Minnesota and by federal officials for the murder. The letter was also forwarded to the city’s police chief.

Executive Orders from Governor Andrew Cuomo have created new rules and options surrounding the June 23 primaries for president, congress and local offices.

White Plains, NY — On Friday, the Board of Legislators passed a measure authorizing towns in Westchester County to slash penalties by as much as 80% for late payments of county and town property taxes through July 15 of this year.

White Plains, NY — The Board of Legislators will hold a special meeting on Friday, April 17 at 5 p.m. to consider a property taxpayer relief plan that would authorize towns to slash late-payment penalties through July 15 on County and Town taxes.

White Plains, NY — The Westchester County Board of Legislators has cleared the way for the restoration of Memorial Field in Mount Vernon to be completed.