On Monday, the Board of Legislators was humbled to honor with commendations members of the County's Hazardous Device, Special Operations and Emergency Service Units for their fearless response in October when pipe bombs mailed were mailed to the homes of George Soros and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Their training, professionalism and bravery are what keep us safe.

Here is a list of the members receiving commendations:

Name                                       Div / Canine
Detective Anthony Cucinell         Hazardous Device Unit / Brooklyn
Detective Jonathan Gould           Hazardous Device Unit
Detective Kenneth Hasko            Hazardous Device Unit
Detective Nicholas Piqueras         Hazardous Device Unit
Detective Thomas Barker            Hazardous Device Unit
Captain James Luciano                Special Operations Unit
Police Officer George Varbero      Explosive Detection Canine / Trinity
Police Officer Joseph Kraus          Emergency Service Unit
Police Officer Kirt Maddocks         Emergency Service Unit
Police Officer Wilberto Saez         Emergency Service Unit
Sergeant  Edward Devlin             Hazardous Device Unit