County Legislator Christopher Johnson along with Board President of YCAP Justin Tolbert, coordinated sponsorship for 200 Yonkers students to see the highly anticipated film, Black Panther. With donations from community organizations such as the YMCA, Project Inspire Yonkers, The Yonkers Guardians and more, students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to see this film, were able to enjoy it for free Saturday morning at Showcase De Lux Cinema at Ridge Hill in Yonkers. After the movie, students talked about how much they enjoyed it and how it inspired them. “Black Panther”, is a film based on a comic book character of the same name. The movie is a depiction of black power and strength. It is being released during a time when Blacks are living in a nation that has seen a public resurgence of hatred and racism. This film allows People of Color to see themselves in a light often dominated by Caucasian actors and actresses. It is extremely important that we expose our youth to films like this, so our students know they are powerful beyond measure, and they too are heroic.

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