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White Plains, NY —  The Board of Legislators has approved a measure to combat gender- and race-based pay inequity by requiring employers to include an expected salary range when they post a job opportunity in Westchester.

The measure passed in a 15-2 vote on Monday night.  It is similar to laws on the books in New York City and in several states including Connecticut, Nevada, California, Washington, Maryland and Rhode Island. The law will take effect in November. It applies to all companies with more than four employees.

Legislator Colin Smith (D - Cortlandt, Peekskill, Yorktown), one of the new law's chief sponsors, said, "Department of Labor statistics tell us that women on average make 82% of the salary that men make for the same work.  That number drops to 65% for African-American and Latina women with a bachelor's degree compared to white men with the same education. This legislation is intended to help combat that inequity by creating transparency in the marketplace to level the playing field -- all job seekers, regardless of race or gender, will know what the job is worth to any job seeker of any gender identity or race."

Chairwoman Catherine Borgia (D - Cortlandt, Croton-on-Hudson, Ossining, Briarcliff Manor, Peekskill), the legislation's other lead sponsor, said, "This requires employers to put together a range they intend to pay for this job, so it gives employers flexibility. Everyone who puts out a job application has a basic idea of what is in their budget for a position. It really is just about information. We know that there are many jobs open and few applicants, and this will help pre-screen applicants who might not be a good fit. This will help both employers and employees, particularly women and people of color, but, similar to our salary history legislation, this really will help all employees."

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