White Plains, NY — Since learning of Legislator David Tubiolo's positive COVID-19 test result on Thursday morning, the Board of Legislators has been working with the County Department of Health to trace and test all legislators and Board staff who had contact with Leg. Tubiolo during the period of possible infection.

We are pleased to report that all those tests have been negative for COVID-19.

To date, all related tests conducted by the Department of Health on personnel – even those who had not been in direct, recent contact with Leg. Tubiolo -- have also been negative.

We will continue to work closely with the County Health Department to pursue all additional necessary tracing, testing and isolation procedures, and we know that Leg. Tubiolo is working closely with the Health Department to trace his personal contacts as well.

The novel coronavirus is still with us and we continue to take it seriously. We will continue to practice the precautions we put in place in March – including holding meetings with no in-person public participation, staggered in-office staffing, wearing masks and social distancing in the workplace – so that we can continue to protect the safety of the staff and the public. We will continue to use our video teleconferencing technology to do the work of the people of Westchester County.