White Plains, NY — The Westchester County Board of Legislators on Monday unanimously approved changes to the county's laws regulating dealers in second-hand gems and precious metals. The changes are designed to help law enforcement recover stolen items like jewelry and coins and silver, and to discourage dealers from accepting property that may be stolen.

The new provisions require dealers in these items keep detailed electronic records, not just paper record, of the second-hand precious metal and gem transactions, and upload those records daily to the County. The provisions relate to things like gold, silver, gemstones, coins and jewelry, but do not cover refurbished, reconditioned or recertified electronics.

Leg. Kitley S. Covill (D - Bedford, Lewisboro, Mount Kisco, North Salem, Pound Ridge, Somers), chair of the Board’s Committee on Legislation and one of the measure’s sponsors, said, “The new electronic record-keeping and transmittal requirements are an important step in modernizing our ability to track and recover residents’ stolen property. Unfortunately, with the opioid crisis, the resale of stolen goods is something that is happening more and more. This new law will give county and local police departments the information they need to react quickly when stolen property winds up on the market.”

Leg. Margaret Cunzio (C - Mount Pleasant, North Castle, Pleasantville), chair of the Board’s Public Safety Committee and another sponsor said, “Anytime that we can help law enforcement to be more effective in their ability to solve crimes, it is a positive for both law enforcement and the community. This law brings the system of tracking stolen goods into the 21st century and gives law enforcement the advantage of solving crimes quicker so stolen goods can be returned to those victims.”