“I am disappointed but not surprised that the administration has taken this ill-advised action. For months, the County Administration has said that they would negotiate in good faith with Standard Amusements to address the issues they had with the existing contract. It seems the opposite was true. The public and the County Legislature, who crafted and approved the existing contract, were kept in the dark; ncluding about an additional $5 million offer from Standard just 2 weeks ago. I am very troubled by the administration’s great efforts to avoid transparency and cooperation with the legislature in their plan to break the contract with Standard Amusements. Along with returning to past practice of having complete financial burden for Playland Park, Westchester taxpayers face a very expensive and long litigation process that will end up costing Westchester millions.”  - Minority Leader John G. Testa

“As a practicing attorney for the past 33 years, I am extremely concerned over the financial exposure that the Westchester County taxpayer may face if this contract dispute goes to litigation. With the exception of vague statements deriding the agreement, the Board of Legislators has been kept in the dark about what the administrations concerns are or what if any plans the administration has for Playland moving forward. Many of my legislative colleagues in the Democratic majority worked very hard to negotiate the terms of the agreement with Standard Amusements and subsequently voted in favor of the agreement. I ask all Legislators to join me in demanding the County Executive provide the Legislative body with the reasons for his seeking to unilaterally void the existing contract and what directions he seeks to move Playland in the near future.” –Minority Whip Gordon A. Burrows

“My concern is that to terminate the existing contract without a concrete plan of action presented to the public, taxpayers, as well as the board of legislators before terminating an approved contract is troubling.” –Legislator Margaret Cunzio