At the October monthly meeting of the John D. Calandra Lodge #2600 of the Order of Sons of Italy in America (OSIA), Michael Ruggiero (President), announced two note-worthy items on the agenda. The first item was regarding the money raised by Brothers for the horrific earthquake in Central Italy destroying the town and surrounding area of Amatrice in Rieti, Lazio. The second item was Italian Heritage Month for October.

Michael Ruggiero announced that the Brothers raised money to help the relief efforts and victims of the earthquake in Amatrice. Brothers, Pietro Siciliano (owner of Tombolino Ristorante) and Luciano Savone (owner of Luciano’s Restaurant), raised $1,500 and $6,000, respectfully. Additionally, the Calandra Lodge raised $550 for the cause.

“Our Fraternity couldn’t stand by watching the earthquake devastate Central Italy, the least we could do is raise as much money as possible, in order to alleviate the financial burden for the reconstruction” said Michael Ruggiero.

After the announcement for Amatrice, Michael Ruggiero, Legislator David Tubiolo (Recruitment Chair/Trustee) and Robert Ferrito (1st VP of NYS), asked Remo Carriero to stand up and join them at the dais. They announced that Remo Carriero was honored for this Italian Heritage Month for his years of outstanding service to the Calandra Lodge.

Remo said, “I am humbled and honored to have been given this prestigious award of the long journey and hard work I’ve put into my life.”
Remo emigrated from the town of Gisi in Chieti, Abruzzi at a young age and worked his way up in the Garment District of Manhattan as a tailor. He has a beautiful family whom he raised and lives with in Yonkers, NY.

Robert Ferrito said, “There was no one more deserving than Remo for this award, he is truly the real life Italian-American Dream, succeeding with pride and dignity through determination and hard-work.”

Legislator Tubiolo said, “Remo has always been active in our community, helping with the Italian Mass at St. Barnabas, altering our parade sashes for Columbus Day, attending meetings for Hyatt Civic Association, and of course, serving as a great resource of history and knowledge for our lodge. I’m very thankful that he is so active in our community and look forward to working with him in the ongoing effort to make our communities thrive.”