(WHITE PLAINS, NY) After another $5,000 contribution emerged linking County Executive Rob Astorino’s campaign to a Westchester County Police Chaplain, Jeremy Reichberg, who is embroiled in a federal corruption probe, the County Executive’s office denied the media access to any information regarding this individual’s qualifications to hold the position.  Reichberg is closely associated with $25,000 in campaign donations to Astorino’s campaign around the time he was appointed Chaplain.  As a result, Legislator Ben Boykin (D-White Plains), Chair of the Public Safety and Social Services Committee, will be asking the Public Safety Department to provide any information regarding Reichberg.

“We understand that this was an unpaid position but if this individual had access to taxpayer funded resources, such as a badge of the department or office, we must still monitor every dollar that the department uses,” Boykin stated.  “I believe that the public is entitled to understand why this person was appointed to the position he was, what qualifications he had for it and what the desired responsibilities are for him to carry out.  The Astorino administration needs to provide documentation proving that this individual is qualified for this position or else we’ll have to assume he was appointed for unacceptable reasons.”  

Boykin will be submitting a formal request to the Astorino administration to discuss these items at a Public Safety and Social Services committee meeting.