(WHITE PLAINS, NY) The “Children’s Product Safety Act”, proposed by Majority Leader Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining) has passed the Board of Legislators unanimously and now awaits the signature or veto of the County Executive.  The Children’s Product Safety Act will prevent the sale of infant and children’s products that include harmful toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, lead, mercury, antimony, arsenic, cadium and cobalt within the County of Westchester.

Borgia explained, “The toxic chemicals in children’s products have been linked to a host of serious medical problems including learning and developmental disabilities, asthma, pediatric and other cancer, infertility, obesity and more.  Until this bill is finally signed into law, Westchester children remain at risk.”

Many children’s products including toys and clothing contain these eight toxic chemicals and known carcinogens.  This bill will enable Westchester’s consumers of infant and children’s products to assure the health and welfare of infants, children and the environment.

Once enacted, the Children’s Product Safety Act would be enforced by the County Department of Consumer Protection.  The department would undertake a 12 month public education campaign to alert retailers of which chemicals are harmful and then with random spot checks of products already on shelves. 

Similar pieces of legislation have already passed the Albany County Legislature and are being considered in Suffolk, Duchess and Onondaga counties. The State Assembly has passed similar legislation in an overwhelmingly bipartisan fashion while the State Senate is still yet to take action despite having bipartisan support in that chamber as well.

“Our families deserve the comfort of knowing that the toys their children play with will not have harmful impacts on their health,” concluded Borgia.