With many Westchester families buying Easter baskets and holiday toys this week, Majority Leader, Legislator Catherine Borgia (D) Ossining, reminds consumers of dangerous chemicals that are contained in some of the toys on store shelves.  Legislator Borgia is sponsoring legislation called the Children’s Product Safety Act requiring retailers to test toys for sale which may contain certain dangerous chemicals.

In December 2014, researchers tested products on store shelves in Westchester County. 

Some of the dangerous chemicals found were,

  • Antimony in six products: jewelry, clothing, a doll, a key chain and a toy train.
  • Cadmium in eight products: a keychain, jewelry, clothing, toy cars, a toy train  and a penlight.
  • Cobalt in four products: a keychain, jewelry and accessories.
  • Lead in three products: jewelry and accessories.
  • Mercury in two products: in a wooden flower necklace and toy cars

Legislator Borgia said, “Please pay attention to the toys we are giving our kids.  Something that is meant to bring joy on a holiday, should not contain dangerous toxins that could imperil the health and safety of those we love.”