Bill Ryan, Board Chairman and Legislator from White Plains, visited the Mamaroneck Avenue School 3rd graders to promote recycling and award Recycling Rangers badges. The Recycling Ranger program was initiated by Legislator Ryan four years ago and the Mamaroneck Avenue School in White Plains has participated all four years.

After receiving a list of possible projects, almost all of the 3rd grade students completed three projects and were awarded certificates and badges. Other prizes included rulers made from recycled plastic and shredded currency and pencils of recycled materials including denim.

The support of teachers and parents and enthusiasm of the students was evident in the creative and informative projects – birdfeeders made from 2-liter soda bottles; posters explaining the recycling process or showing items made of re-claimed materials and songs, raps and poems advocating recycling.

Lizzie’s rap says it all:

My name is Lizzie, and I am busy
I like to recycle until I get dizzy!

Everybody join in and do their part.
If you never recycled, now’s the time to start!

Let’s help save Earth one day at a time.
If you forget to recycle, just remember this rhyme!