Ryan said that the book mobile will enable WLS to bring library services to a wide range of community programs and facilities throughout the county that serve diverse constituencies across every age group.

“The WLS came to the County Board with a great vision --- a plan to extend the library’’s reach to every corner of the county," said Ryan. "The book mobile will supplement the county’’s already impressive network of libraries and reach people who may not have the mobility or ability to get to a library."

County Legislator Young commented on the book mobile’’s value to the Mount Vernon community. “As legislator for the City of Mount Vernon, I’m proud to provide this funding that will go a long way in improving the services and resources for the people of Mount Vernon," said. "This book mobile will open doors for homebound seniors and adults, as well as enhance educational resources and opportunities for our children.”

County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz (D-Somers), Chair of the Board’’s Budget & Appropriations Committee, commented that the County Board’’s support for the book mobile is just a continuation of what he considers a very positive and productive partnership between the WLS and the county.

"The County Board has funded many WLS initiatives in the past, such as helping local libraries transition to new technologies and developing an inter-library borrowing system, that have profoundly strengthened our individual community libraries. By going out into the community with a book mobile, WLS will be able to enrich the quality of life for residents in every corner of the county."