In a fitting tribute to President''s Day, the day we celebrate the birthdays'' of Washington and Lincoln, Westchester County has taken the first important step in saving the Miller House. This historic farmhouse in North White Plains (Town of North Castle) is where General George Washington stayed during the Battle of White Plains. Built in 1738, the farmhouse has been exposed to the elements for 270 years and is in poor condition.

This week we approved a $55,000 contract with Landair Project Resources, Inc. to assess the condition of the farmhouse and its site on Virginia Road and to make recommendations for its preservation. Landair''s study will begin shortly and a report will be released this spring.

The Miller House, like the Jacob Purdy House in White Plains, reminds us of General George Washington, the Continental Army and the hard-fought struggle of the American Revolution that gave birth to this great country. The preservation of the Miller House is necessary if we are to ensure that future generations can visit actual historic sites and connect with our country''s and this area''s rich history.
Miller House

Many local residents have brought to our attention the need to save this historic structure. Rob Hoch, president of the White Plains Historical Society, recently said, "The Elijah Miller house is an important symbol of our Revolutionary Era. It is fitting that the county is taking necessary measures to ensure its preservation."

Incidently, in celebration of President''s Day, the Miller House and the Jacob Purdy House will be open to the public this Sunday, February 17th. The Miller House at 140 Virginia Road in North White Plains will be open from Noon to 3:00 PM. The Purdy House at 60 Park Avenue in White Plains will be open from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. Admission is free.

Happy President''s Day and enjoy your weekend!