With a program led by County Legislator Judith Myers (D,WF-Larchmont), the County Board joined in the national observance of Women’s History Month by honoring the Westchester Women’s Agenda (WWA), a 60-member organization that champions causes that improve the lives of women and children in Westchester County.

After speaking about the many accomplishments and successes of the WWA, Legislator Myers, joined by Legislators Lois Bronz (D, WF-Tarrytown) and Bernice Spreckman (R, IN, C, WF-Yonkers), presented a proclamation paying tribute to the WWA’’s distinguished record of achievement. Through their collective efforts, WWA has advocated on behalf of a wide range of issues, including affordable housing and child care, programs for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, services for immigrant women, eviction prevention and health care issues.

“Women’s contributions are authentic, they are note-worthy, and they have made a very big difference in our world,” stated Legislator Myers. “The Westchester Women’s Agenda is a powerful example of an effective feminist organization.” Myers noted that women make up 55% of registered voters in the county and that the Women’’s Agenda has done a great job over the years ensuring women’s issues are high on the list of government’’s priorities.

WWA co-Presidents Kathy Halas (pictured above) , Executive Director of the Child Care Council of Westchester, and Lindsay Farrell (pictured above), President and CEO of Open Door Family Medical Centers, accepted the proclamation on behalf of the organization.

Founded in 1995, the WWA’s focus is to insure that the social and economic climate in the county offers women equal access to opportunity.  Its accomplishments include obtaining supervised visitation programs for custodial parents and children at risk of abuse, funding for neighborhood health centers, child care programs at the Family Courts and raising awareness of abusive teen dating relationships that dramatically increased the percentage of teens that would report abuse. Individual members bring their social service knowledge and commitment to successfully advocate for education and funding to advance the causes that improve the lives of women.