County Legislators Lois Bronz (D-WF, Greenburgh) and Ken Jenkins (D-IN-WF, Yonkers) are sponsoring an amendment to the county’s Fair Housing Law that would make it unlawful for landlords to deny rental housing to individuals based on their source of income.

“There is no reason for a person to be denied housing because of their source of income,” said Jenkins.  “These are difficult economic times.  When public or private concerns step up to assist people in maintaining a roof over their heads, the law should protect a tenant from discrimination because of that assistance. This legislation will protect those when help is needed the most.”

Legislator Bronz, a long-time affordable housing advocate, said discrimination based on ‘source of income’ was unfairly denying housing to those who can demonstrate they can afford the rent. 

“There are rental housing opportunities available but landlords are deciding that certain individuals need not apply even though they can demonstrate that they have the income to pay the rent,” said Bronz. “Landlords are refusing apartments to people because some or all of their income may come from sources such as a government program or an alimony check. Legislator Jenkins and I are introducing this legislation to remove this significant barrier to housing for some residents.”

The ‘source of income’ protection has been added to the Human Rights Fair Housing Laws in other jurisdictions, including New York City. Bronz’ and Jenkins’ proposed amendment would add to the existing protections found in the county’s current Human Rights law.