White Plains, NY — Former Legislator Lyndon Williams, who left the Board of Legislators last month to accept an appointment as City Court Judge in Mount Vernon, was honored Monday night with the Board's Award for Distinguished Service. The award is the highest honor the Board can bestow for service to the people of Westchester County.

During a ceremony at the start of the Board's regular meeting on September 14, Williams was hailed by each of his former colleagues for his fairness, intellectual rigor, commitment to social justice and economic equity, the guidance he provided to new legislators, and his good humor through difficult times.

Board Chairman Ben Boykin said, "Lyndon been gone a little more than a month, but he is already missed. His leadership, as a former Vice Chair and as Chairman of the Board's Law and Major Contract Committee, earned him the respect and admiration of all of his colleagues. His departure is a loss for the BOL, but his appointment as City Court Judge is a great gain for the people of Mount Vernon, for whom he has always been a tireless advocate."

Current legislators took special note of Williams accomplishments during his 12-year tenure on the Board, including his perseverance in getting the County to undertake completion of the restoration of Memorial Field and fighting to bring the County into compliance with a federal consent decree to cure housing discrimination and avoid federal penalties that would have cost the County tens of millions of dollars.

Judge Williams said, "If there's anything I can leave with each of you, it is understanding that you're never going to always agree on everything. You're going to disagree on a lot of things. But appreciate and understand the work that you're doing and that your colleagues are doing because it's important to the almost 1 million people who are out there. Thank you for all of the great comments, but I want to thank you for all of the work that you do."

Lyndon Williams was first elected to the Board of Legislators in November 2007. He served as Vice Chair of the Board from 2010-2013. He served as chair of the Board's Committee on Law and Major Contracts. Prior to becoming a County Legislator, Williams served three, four-year terms on the Mount Vernon City Council including serving three one-year terms as its president.