7/10/2009 9:42:01 AM


The Westchester County Board of Legislators’ Committee on Community Services will hear a presentation from a representative from the Hudson Center for Health Equity & Quality (HCHEQ), the creator of the web-based tool, “Enroll NY”, a state-sponsored resource that helps you find out if you are eligible for free or lost cost health insurance.


Speakers to attend (still in formation):

  • Legislator Lois Bronz (D,I,WFP-Greenburgh), Committee Chair
  • Representatives from the Hudson Center for Health Equity & Quality (HCHEQ)


Westchester County Board of Legislators Committee Room

800 Michaelian Office Building
148 Martine Avenue, 8th Floor (corner of Court Street)
White Plains, NY


Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 at 3:00pm


In response to the increasing number of New Yorkers now eligible for public health benefits, Enroll NY was created. Keeping with the Committee on Community Service’s commitment to health care, Enroll NY offers an easier and efficient way to get information about public health benefits and how those benefits can be obtained.  Public hearings on Universal health care have been held by the committee as they continue to work closely with the Access to Care Coalition, and Enroll NY presents a new opportunity to let Westchester residents know what their benefits are. In a time of such economic uncertainty, any information that can help county residents receive health benefits is vital.