On Saturday, August 31, County Executive George Latimer, the family of Christopher A. Ridley, Legislator Lyndon Williams and other officials and friends unveiled the Detective Christopher A. Ridley memorial.

The monument is located in front of 85 Court Street in White Plains where the Mount Vernon officer was tragically killed in 2008 while intervening to stop an assault.

The plaza at 85 Court Street was first named in Det. Ridley's honor in 2009, in 2018 the Board of Legislators approved funding for the permanent memorial.

Leg. Lyndon Williams (D- Mount Vernon) said at the unveiling, "To Christopher's parents, I say to you, the time has come to have a fitting permanent memorial to Christopher, the hero who lost his life on this Plaza."

He added, "As everyone walks past this plaza, they will know that in 2008 a young man, 23 years old, who could have gone home and would be alive today, stopped and intervened to save another person."

Christopher's mother, Felitia Rucker Bouche, said, "Today we are here to honor my son, a brother, a fallen officer.  What that means is he did his job fearlessly and unconditionally.”

Christopher's father, Stanley Ridley, said, "This is one of the things that will go down in history, the day that Christopher came to rescue and help the people of Westchester. He's no longer ours anymore -- he belongs to the County, he belongs to this world."

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