On Wednesday, April 17th, State Senator Alessandra Biaggi and County Legislator David Tubiolo hosted a joint ‘Town Hall’ meeting at the Riverside Memorial Chapel in Fleetwood for local residents and Fleetwood Neighborhood Association (FNA) & Fleetwood Citizens Society (FCS).

FNA President Mike Justino was the moderator of the Town Hall. “It is important for government to work closely with neighborhood associations.  I’m thankful to both Legislator Tubiolo and Senator Biaggi for reaching out to us and making this meeting a success,” Justino said.

Riverside Memorial Chapel’s Senior Vice-President David Alpert assisted in coordinating the event.  “I particularly want to thank Mr. Alpert for his assistance and for taking part in this community meeting,” said Tubiolo.  Senator Biaggi agreed and added, “Fleetwood’s business community is a key factor in the success of this wonderful neighborhood.”

Senator Biaggi and Legislator Tubiolo presented updates from the State and County to the nearly 100 residents in attendance.  “It’s important for people to attend these types of public forums in order to learn what is going on in your neighborhoods but to also interact with the elected officials who represent them,” stated Tubiolo.

The issues addressed by the two local lawmakers included the Arts, the State and County Budgets, Campaign Finance Reform, Education, Empowerment, Affordable Housing, Infrastructure, Memorial Field, Opioid Epidemic, Senior Citizens, Scout Field, Small Business, Social Justice Reform, STAR Program, Taxes, Veterans, Voter Reform, Youth and much more.

Senator Biaggi said, “The most important part of serving as an elected official is being in the community and discussing the issues with my constituents.  As their elected representative, I need to know what issues are most important to them,” she said.  “I am committed to working with County Legislator Tubiolo and the City of Mount Vernon to address all of our constituent’s needs. I thank Legislator Tubiolo for partnering with me in these efforts.  I also thank the Fleetwood Neighborhood Association and the Fleetwood Citizens Society for ensuring a strong turnout and making this event a success. Most of all I thank all the residents who attended and participated in this Town Hall meeting,” Biaggi concluded.

Legislator Tubiolo thanked the Senator for co-sponsoring the meeting and added, “I am proud to have Senator Biaggi as a partner in government, representing our unique and beautiful Fleetwood neighborhood and for her courage and hard work in Albany on our behalf.”

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