RE: Todays Budget & Appropriations committee vote to approve the proposed affordable housing settlement agreement and bond act

8/17/2009 4:05:00 PM



Today, the Budget & Appropriations Committee took the first step toward ratification of this settlement and bond act by approving these measures.  Our review of this matter will continue in future committee meetings.  We are on track for a floor vote at our next full board meeting. 


We agree with the County Executive that this is the most important vote that any legislative body has had to take in the history of the county.  However, notwithstanding, it is essential that we not rush into an agreement that will cost county taxpayers millions of dollars without asking the tough questions and understanding the county’s future fiscal commitment, as well as detailing the implementation of the creation of the 750 units that the stipulation agreement requires.


The injection of race into the discussion of this issue from others is irresponsible and offensive.  Let us be perfectly clear – the Board of Legislators has always considered the impact of race when taking action towards the creation of affordable housing.  In fact, county government has been active and successful in creating and sustaining affordable housing units throughout the county and has always been committed to ensuring fair access to housing for all people.