9/12/2009 11:24:36 AM



We are gathered here today as a community to honor those who died on this day eight years ago in the attack on America.


The day was one of horror, insanity, inconceivable destruction and death.   Eight years later, we are still trying to do what we can to deal with such tragic loss. 


We are still trying to help one another to heal and the healing is not without pain.


Here at the Rising Memorial, we have a place of peace and remembrance.


A place of hope and renewal.
A place of life.


A place for families and friends to come and spend time together… and, we know that that will always be needed.


Those who died were husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, our loved ones, our friends, our neighbors and fellow citizens.


Only the passage of time may help lessen the terrible pain of our loss.  But, time will never diminish our deep love and appreciation for them.


The 111 Westchester victims of the September 11th attacks are held dear in our hearts and will live always in our collective memory.


God bless them.


Below is a gallery of photos from the memorial ceremony - click on photos to enlarge