9/14/2009 10:39:24 AM



(White Plains, NY) ~ At the request of Chairman William Ryan (D, WFP-White Plains), the Board of Legislators unanimously approved the application of the Village of Scarsdale for flood mitigation funding.  The approval will direct to Scarsdale $1.45 million dollars in much-needed County funds for Bronx River area flood control. The funding was made available from a Flood Action Plan, which calls for the county to allocate $10 million a year for the next five years to reduce the impact of flooding during severe storms.  “This is one more example of how the County works collaboratively with its municipalities to protect its citizens,” said Chairman Ryan. “Although we can’t eliminate flooding throughout the county during terrible storms, we do have the capability to mitigate some of the more severely hit areas, in order to avoid additional loss of public and private property.”


The county’s Flood Action Task Force, the governing body that spearheaded by creation of the Flood Action Plan, formed in 2007 to address the flooding crisis in the county and to put in place a Flood Mitigation Program using county funds designated for this purpose.


The funding will be allocated for four projects within Scarsdale. They include George Field Park, Cooper Green, Brewster Road between Olmstead Road and Hartcourt Road and the south side of Butler Field.  The other projects selected for the first round of funding are located in Rye Brook, Mamaroneck and Tarrytown. Federal and local funds will also help to finance these flood-mitigation projects.  Only one of the four projects approved was for Scarsdale that Ryan represents.