I heard the taxpayers loud and clear, so my goal here is to get the County Executives proposed tax increase down to zero.

11/17/2009 1:34:08 PM



“The taxpayers have spoken.  We must do better,” said Westchester County Legislator and Board Vice Chairman Michael B. Kaplowitz (D-I, Somers), today after receiving the County Executive’s 2010 proposed County Budget, which put forth a 4.88% property tax increase.  A number that Kaplowitz, a Certified Financial Planner and immediate past chairman of the Legislature’s Budget & Appropriations Committee, said is simply “Unacceptable.”  


“These are very tough economic times.  People have lost – or are in fear of losing – their jobs, many have depleted their savings and/or retirement accounts, and are simply maxed out on property taxes,” Kaplowitz stated.


According to Kaplowitz, bringing the budget to a 0% tax increase would require $26 million in cuts.  “It will not be an easy time for this legislature over the coming weeks.  Some difficult decisions will have to be made.  But if we are going to get this number down, everyone is going to have to sacrifice,” said Kaplowitz.  “We must share the pain in order to share the gain.  That means ratcheting down government expenses to meet reduced revenues.”


Kaplowitz’ proposed cuts will be released at a later date.