1/13/2010 6:03:36 PM



(White Plains, NY) -- Today, Westchester County Board Subcommittee on Appointments Chairman Bill Burton (D-Ossining) announced that the Committee will hold a public meeting on Thursday, January 14th to consider County Executive Astorino’s nomination of several individuals to serve as Commissioners and Acting Commissioners of various county agencies.  Under the provision of the County Charter (Section 110.21), the  Board of Legislators must confirm all appointments of the County Executive to head various agencies. 


“Tomorrow, this Subcommittee has the charge of conducting the nomination hearing for the leadership of agencies that are  vital to the health and welfare of our county’s residents,” said Chairman Burton. “We are moving diligently to confirm these individuals and look forward to a positive and informative hearing.” 


The meeting with take place at 2:30pm in the Committee Room of the Board of Legislators at the County Office Building in White Plains.  The names submitted for confirmation are: 


  • Acting Commissioner of Human Resources-Ed Brancati;
  • Acting Commissioner of Health-Patsy Yang;
  • Acting Commissioner of Planning-Ed Buroughs;
  • Acting Commissioner of Public Works-John Hsu;
  • Commissioner of Finance-Ann Marie Berg;
  • Deputy County Executive and Member of the Industrial Development Agency (IDA)-Kevin Plunkett
  • County Attorney-Robert Meehan 

“In accordance to the County Charter, the Board will review and deliberate all nominees,” said County Board Chairman Ken Jenkins (D-Yonkers). “We are committed to moving quickly to confirm Mr. Astorino’s appointments while following the Charter’s  requirements. ”  Following the Subcommittee’s recommendation, the nominations must be approved by the Committee on Legislation prior to a full Board vote.  “The Committee on Legislation has already begun its work for the new legislative session.  We want to act promptly on our new County Executive’s appointees so that the business of the county can move forward,” said Legislation Committee Chairman John Nonna (D-Mount Pleasant).  “We have established the Subcommittee on Appointments for this purpose. Bill Burton and his colleagues will conduct thorough interviews tomorrow and make appropriate recommendations for approval by the Legislation Committee at our next Legislation Committee meeting next Tuesday morning.”