FEBRUARY 9, 2004 (11:00 A.M.)


The CountyBoard of Legislators met pursuant to adjournment.


The Honorable William J. Ryan in the Chair.


The Chair opened the meeting with the salute to our flag and an invocation.


The roll call resulted as follows:


Legislators: Abinanti, Alvarado, Astorino, Bronz, Kaplowitz, LaMotte, Latimer, Maisano, Mosiello, Oros, Pinto, Rogowsky, Spreckman, Stewart-Cousins, Wishnie, Young, - Chair – 17.


Absent: None.


Chairman Ryan recessed the meeting to the call of the Chair.


Chairman Ryan reconvened the meeting at 6:15 p.m.


SPECIAL ORDER: CHAIR OF THE BOARD: Home Rule Request-County Sales Tax: RES: 9-2004: Requesting that the New York State Legislature pass legislation authorizing Westchester County to increase the County sales tax.


Mr. Ryan presented the following resolution and moved its adoption, which was declared adopted by the following vote:


AYE: Legislators: Young, Alvarado, Bronz, Kaplowitz, Latimer, Pinto, Stewart-Cousins, Wishnie, Chair – 9.


NAY: Legislators: Oros, Abinanti, Astorino, LaMotte, Maisano, Mosiello, Rogowsky, Spreckman – 8.


On motion of Mr. Kaplowitz, seconded by Mr. Young, the motion to reconsider failed by the following vote:


AYE: Legislators: Oros, Astorino, LaMotte, Maisano,

Spreckman – 5.


NAY: Legislators: Young, Abinanti, Alvarado, Bronz, Kaplowitz, Latimer, Mosiello, Pinto, Rogowsky, Stewart-Cousins, Wishnie,

Chair – 12.


On MOTION of Legislator Young,

The Board adjourns.