SEPTEMBER 7, 2004 (4:00 P.M.)

The County Board of Legislators met pursuant to adjournment.

The Honorable William J. Ryan in the Chair.

The Chair opened the meeting with the salute to our flag and an invocation.

The roll call resulted as follows:

Legislators: Abinanti, Alvarado, Astorino, Bronz, Kaplowitz, Latimer, Maisano, Mosiello, Oros, Pinto, Rogowsky, Spreckman, Stewart-Cousins, Wishnie, Young, - Chair – 16.

Absent: LaMotte - 1.

SPECIAL ORDER: CHAIR OF THE BOARD AND THE COMMITTEE ON BUDGET AND APPROPRIATIONS: Courthouse Reconstruction Project: LOCAL LAW INTRO 11-2004: Local Law authorizing the County to: 1) execute amendments to the program documents for the County Courthouse Reconstruction Project; 2) execute a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dormitory Authority and the NYS Unified Court System; and 3) increase the authorization for the payment of Base Rent.

Mr. Kaplowitz presented the following report and act and moved that the report be received, filed and approved and the Act adopted, which motion was carried by the following vote:

AYE: Legislators: Alvarado, Bronz, Kaplowitz, Latimer, Maisano, Pinto, Rogowsky, Spreckman, Stewart-Cousins, Wishnie, Young, - Chair – 12.

NAY: Oros, Abinanti, Astorino, Mosiello - 4.

On motion of Mr. Wishnie, seconded by Mr. Kaplowitz, the motion to reconsider the previous vote was defeated by a vote of 0-12.

On MOTION of Legislator Young,
The Board adjourns.