NOVEMBER 15, 2004 (12:45 P.M.)

The County Board of Legislators met pursuant to adjournment.

The Honorable William J. Ryan in the Chair.

The Chair opened the meeting with the salute to our flag and an invocation.

The roll call resulted as follows:

Legislators: Young, Oros, Alvarado, Bronz, Kaplowitz, LaMotte, Latimer, Maisano, Mosiello, Pinto, Rogowsky, Spreckman, Stewart-Cousins, Wishnie, Chair – 15.

Absent: Abinanti, Astorino - 2.

SPECIAL ORDER: CHAIR OF THE BOARD: Westchester County Health Care Corporation: COMMUNICATION: LOCAL LAW authorizing the County to enter into a Third Amendment to the Transition Agreement with the Westchester County Health Care Corporation to increase the amount of County Credit Support in 2005 and 2006 to $85,000,000 per year, including a guaranty of any unpaid interest was on motion of Mr. Young received, filed and referred to the Committee on Budget and Appropriations.

SPECIAL ORDER: CHAIR OF THE BOARD AND COMMITTEES ON BUDGET AND APPROPRIATION & LEGISLATION: Itemization of Costs in the County Tax Bill: RES 199-2004: Setting a Public Hearing on a proposed Local Law allowing the County to itemize costs contained in the County’s Tax Bill. [Public Hearing set for November 22, 2004; at 7:30 p.m.; Local Law Intro 20-2004.]

Mr. Rogowsky presented the following Resolution and moved its adoption which was declared adopted by the following vote:

AYE: Legislators: Young, Alvarado, Bronz, Kaplowitz, Latimer, Pinto, Rogowsky, Stewart-Cousins, Wishnie, Chair – 10.

NAY: Oros, LaMotte, Maisano, Mosiello, Spreckman – 5.

SPECIAL ORDER: CHAIR OF THE BOARD: Jewish History and Heritage Month: RES 208-2004: Resolution establishing the annual commemoration in Westchester County of Jewish History and Heritage during the month of September and calling upon the New York State Legislature to adopt a similar measure.

Mr. Rogowsky presented the following Resolution and moved its adoption which was declared adopted.

On MOTION of Legislator Young,
The Board adjourns.