SEPTEMBER 10, 2007 (6:00 P.M.)


The County Board of Legislators met pursuant to adjournment.

The Honorable William J. Ryan in the Chair.

The Chair opened the Public Hearing at 6:10 p.m. with the salute to our flag and an invocation.

The roll call resulted as follows:

Legislators: Rogowsky, Abinanti, Alvarado, Burton, Jenkins, Kaplowitz, Maisano, Myers, Pinto, Chair – 10

Absent: Legislators: Oros, Bronz, Burrows, LaMotte, Spreckman, Swanson, Young- 7

Mr. Rogowsky moved to suspend the regular order of business for the purpose of holding one public hearing.– Carried.

The Clerk presented proof of publication of notice of the Public Hearing and read the rules for its conduct.

Mr. Ryan then turned the meeting over to Mr. Pinto, Chair of the Committee on Legislation.

PUBLIC HEARING: COMMITTEE ON LEGISLATION AND THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC WORKS, TRANSPORTATION, LABOR & PARKS: Apprenticeship Agreements: LOCAL LAW INTRO 12-2007: Proposed Local Law adding a new Chapter 309 of the Laws of Westchester County to require that County contractors and subcontractors have in place, prior to entering into a construction contract, apprenticeship agreements appropriate for the type and scope of work to be performed, that have been registered with, and approved by the New York State Commissioner of Labor.

There were seven speakers.

Mr. Burton left the chamber at 6:35 p.m.

No other person wishing to be heard, Mr. Rogowsky declared the Public Hearing closed at 6:40.