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Legislator Tubiolo Advocates for Prescription Drug Discount Card For All Westchester County Residents

Westchester County Partnership with ProAct

At the recent Seniors Committee meeting of the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL), Chairman, Legislator David Tubiolo, discussed the Prescription Discount Card program.

Westchester County has partnered with ProAct, Inc., in order to bring the discount program to Westchester residents. ProAct is a full-service pharmacy benefit management company (PBM) that combines industry leading client service with the latest in PBM technology to produce innovative, affordable and flexible prescription drug benefit solutions. This extensive pharmacy network provides participating cardholders access to thousands of pharmacies that offer a discount on their retail prices.

At the Seniors Committee meeting, Legislator Tubiolo invited the Finance Department to inform the members and audience of the ProAct. “Prescription Drug Discount Card” program. The Prescription Drug Discount Card program helps residents save money on their prescription medications, when their prescriptions are not covered by their insurance. These discount cards may be used in any participating retail pharmacy in Westchester County. Over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide accept the card, including most chain pharmacies and many independent pharmacies.

The eligibility for the discount card merely requires Westchester County residency, regardless of age, income or existing medical coverage. There are no enrollment forms, no membership fees and no restrictions or limitations on frequency of usage. Legislator Tubiolo encourages cardholders and family members to use the cards any time with their prescriptions are not covered by insurance.

“The rising cost of prescription drugs has resulted in an extra burden on already struggling families, especially seniors. I’m happy that Westchester County has partnered with ProAct, in an effort to offer additional relief, to our residents, through this free program,” said Legislator Tubiolo.

Since the inception of the partnership, over 24,000 prescriptions have been filled at discounted prices. On average, Westchester residents who have used the program have saved more than $54.00 on each prescription. Surprisingly, many Westchester County residents do not even know this program exists.  

To independently apply, visit the website, www.nyrxdiscountcard.com, simply enter your name and email address. The discount card will be sent to your provided email address and can be printed for immediate use.  For those who need assistance, Legislator Tubiolo plans to host workshops to inform and assist all constituents in obtaining the discount card, in order to alleviate the burden of the over-pricing of prescription drugs.

As Chair of the Seniors Committee, Legislator Tubiolo has made it his priority to tackle the most pressing issues facing his constituents, including seniors and the over-pricing of prescription drugs.


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