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Legislator David Gelfarb Announces He Will Not Support Privatization at Westchester County Airport

David Gelfarb

Statement from Legislator Gelfarb...

“Like many of my constituents, I have concerns regarding the airport privatization. For example, I question whether a 40-year lease in in the best interests of the County. I recognize the possibility of many unforeseeable events during that long a period of time, which can make it difficult to prepare a lease that will fully protect the County. It is also imperative to ensure that the County will be able to maintain control over capital projects at the airport. Throughout my three terms as a County Legislator, I have vociferously opposed any changes to the airport. In 2015, I successfully lobbied against legislation that proposed changes to the Terminal Use Agreement which would have allowed for changes to the calculation of passenger limits and increase airport use.  I intend to continue to fight to protect my constituents and all County residents to ensure the airport remains a viable asset to our community without potentially disastrous results.”

Video of Legislator Gelfarb’s statement and responses to Reporter’s questions can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/225885270


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