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Legislator Tubiolo Helps Pass Fire Training Site Improvements and Rescue/Pumper Vehicle

Safety is Top Priority



Legislator Tubiolo at the
County’s Fire Training Center

At the recent Board of Legislators (BOL) meeting, Legislator David Tubiolo (Yonkers & Mount Vernon) in Bi-Partisanship voted and passed Bond Acts for $2.5 million for “Fire Training Site Improvements” and $500,000 for “Rescue/Pumper Vehicle”.

The first Bond Act is funding the design, construction and construction management of renovations and alterations to existing buildings and ancillary structures in the fire training yard located in Valhalla, New York.

The Department of Emergency Services has advised that the project provides for renovation and alteration to the Burn Simulator Building, Training Tower, Smoke House, Control Tower and ancillary structures in the fire training yard.

The additional Bond Act is funding the purchase of a “Rescue/Pumper Vehicle” for the Department of Emergency Services. The new Rescue/Pumper Vehicle will replace a 1988 Rescue/Pumper which has reached the end of its useful life.

“Safety is our top priority for the residents of Westchester County in all aspects. Within one short year, we’ll have upgraded and improved buildings used by all Fire Departments in the county for training, which can lead to preventing injuries and saving lives,” said Legislator Tubiolo.  

The bond acts were referred to the committees of Public Safety & Social Services (PS&SS) and Infrastructure (INFRA), which Legislator Tubiolo is a member of each.

The work will include, but not be limited to structural repairs, masonry work, concrete core sampling and testing; drainage repairs and restoration in addition to improvements to surrounding paved surfaces, curbs and associated work. Additionally, interior and exterior surfaces will be rehabilitated and pained to offset the effects of the harsh environment, as well as protecting the integrity of structures.

It is estimated that the design will take approximately four months and construction will take six months to complete for the “Fire Training Site Improvements”.


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