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It’s Past Time to Heed Local Residents’ Calls & Complete Plans to Restore Playland Pool

(WHITE PLAINS, NY) During yesterday’s committee meeting with Standard Amusements, the County’s partner in the refurbishment of Playland, Democratic legislators were surprised to hear of Standard Amusement’s trepidations when it came to the iconic Playland pool.

“As a board, we added $10 million to the Capital Budget for 2017 to restore the pool,” said Legislator Catherine Parker (D-Rye), who represents the communities surrounding the park. “On this issue of retaining an amenity for many county residents for which no affordable option is available by the private sector, most, if not all legislators, agree on the importance and are in complete support.”

At the committee table, talk surfaced regarding the delay in the plans to rehabilitate the pool. To the dismay of some legislators, potential plans for a mixed use restaurant/café that would be placed on top of the rehabbed pool site was laid out as a possible option.

That plan is different from what Democrats had envisioned, and expected, for the site.

“As Chair of the Committee on Infrastructure, I am eager to review and pass on the needed Bond Act for this rehabilitation work,” said Legislator MaryJane Shimsky (D-Hastings-on-Hudson). “With Sprain Ridge Pool subject to still more years of delay, it’s imperative that we get to work on this pool that residents of this County have been asking for.”

“To hold up a bond act for the restoration of the pool over an added expense that has been identified by Rye residents as a nuisance because of the potential for noise and trash would only serve as an obstruction. As Nick Singer stated today on the record, there are better places for a food amenity like a cafe at other locations within Playland Park. I hope that the Board leadership will agree that we should move expeditiously to restore the pool, and leave out an expensive extra that will create ill will with the community of Rye,” concluded Parker.


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