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Democrats Ensure North 60 Development is Best Deal for Taxpayers

(WHITE PLAINS, NY) Democrats on the Board of Legislators were pleased to join their colleagues in the passage of plans for a $1.2 Billion biotech research facility on the North 60 land in Valhalla on Monday, April 3rd. The project will result in nearly 3,000,000 sq. ft. for a tech and science development which will eventually generate $9M in taxes and $7M in rent for the County.

Legislator MaryJane Shimsky (D-Hastings-on-Hudson) thoroughly vetted the North 60 proposal and brought all sides to the table during meetings of the Committee on Infrastructure. The committee, which she chairs, was the first stakeholder to demand independent review of various aspects of this deal that has a large impact on Westchester.

“The Board of Legislators devised the most sophisticated review process in recent memory to ensure that the proposed project was the highest and best use for the site, while also making sure that the pricing was reasonable. When my committee received the proposal from the Administration, we had no independent legal analysis, no appraisal of the site as a biotech center, and no study on which to base a reasoned judgment on the project's economic prospects," said Shimsky.

"During the committee process, my colleagues and I negotiated payment of these needed analyses with the developer, screened potential analysts, and sifted through the extensive legal, fiscal, and economic reports we subsequently received. Additionally, we made numerous changes to the lease to include labor protections, opportunities for minority and women owned businesses, internships for our local colleges and universities, and environmental protections.  We also made numerous technical changes to the lease, to ensure that the County received the best deal possible,” said Shimsky.

As a result of the committee process, developers agreed to build using environmentally sustainable practices committing to high level industry standards.

“Westchester County is ripe for smart development projects such as this biotech center,” said Majority Leader Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining). “I am glad we at the Board were able to work together to ensure that Westchester taxpayers were getting an excellent deal while also working with our brothers and sisters in labor and our County’s innovative developers to create thousands of jobs for our community,” added Borgia.

“The North 60 development project is a very promising long-term investment in our County's economic future. Our work at the Board of Legislators has helped insure that it will bring real benefits to Westchester County residents,” concluded Shimsky.


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