Westchester County Legislators

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Statement from Majority Leader Catherine Borgia on Incomplete Police Hirings

(WHITE PLAINS, NY) “After years of Democrats negotiating with the Republican caucus and the County Executive to fill the needed police officer spots, I welcome the news that County Executive Astorino has decided to abide by the County budget and hire some of the vacant positions for police officers. For years, County Executive Astorino has allowed Public Safety Department retirements to remain unfilled as a way to cut costs and help balance his fiscally unsustainable budgets.

“Unfortunately for Westchester County residents, this budgetary move has resulted in real consequences. Due to the County Executive’s lack of timely and sufficient police hiring there has been a 20% decrease in Narcotics Unit personnel at a time when opioid deaths in Westchester County have seen a 61% spike. Additionally, incidents have occurred in our parks when the appropriate level of officers may have helped to serve as a deterrent to these crimes. Lack of adequate staffing makes our residents and our officers less safe. Westchester deserves better.

“While I am optimistic the hires will finally occur, it simply is not enough. We are glad that our advocacy efforts on behalf of our officers has resulted in a greater number of public safety officials, but the job is not yet done. Democrats on the Board of Legislators will continue to advocate for the filing of all our vacant Public Safety Department positions. The safety and welfare of County residents is too important.”


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