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With New Executive Orders Looming from President Trump, Westchester Democrats Strengthen the Immigration Protection Act

Enhancements Include the Incorporation of an Executive Order Enacted by Former Democratic County Executive Andy Spano

(WHITE PLAINS, NY) Fear of further immigration raids coupled with the President’s comment that ICE actions are “Military Operations,” Westchester Democrats feel a sense of urgency to make this proposed bill the law of Westchester County. Grassroots advocates from all over, as well as various immigration law experts, have provided input that will strengthen these protections for all Westchester residents.

In the weeks since the Immigration Protection Act was first introduced by Democratic Members of the Board, Legislators have been inundated with messages of support for and feedback on the Act from members of nearly every community in Westchester. Much encouragement has come in the form of person to person contact at various events around the County.

“County laws exist to protect individuals from discrimination in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations, and we enforce these protections to the maximum extent permitted by federal law. Checking on the immigration status of Westchester County residents is not a local responsibility and we will not use our resources to further a policy which instills fear in so many of our neighbors,” said Majority Leader Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining), whose district is home to thousands of immigrants.

New Provisions to the Immigration Protection Act include:
•    Safeguarding confidentially of information shared with all County departments
•    Prohibiting County officers and officials from honoring ICE detainer requests which do not give rise to criminal probable cause
•    Ensuring any service provided by a County Agency shall be made available to all who are eligible notwithstanding their immigration status
•    Protecting the County from liability due to false arrests and imprisonments

“All too often members of our community, documented and undocumented, are fearful of calling the police or utilizing County services that are offered to them,” said Legislator Catherine Parker (D-Rye). “The intent of this act is to alleviate fear and create protections for our County’s immigrant population without violating federal law.”

PICTURED ABOVE: Images from Rallies this Past Weekend in Support of the Immigration Protection Act


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