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Legislator Lyndon Williams (D-Mount Vernon) Presents Proclamation Honoring President Barack Obama to Mt. Vernon Schools

(WHITE PLAINS, NY) At last night’s meeting of the Board of Legislators, Legislator Lyndon Williams presented a proclamation paying tribute to President Barack Obama. The Proclamation was presented to Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton, Superintendent of the Mt. Vernon City School District, in celebration of Black History Month. This proclamation will be displayed in Mt. Vernon Schools to help students understand and appreciate the accomplishments of President Obama as the First United States President of African-American heritage.

“I believe that President Barack Obama represented the United States with the dignity and class that all Americans can be proud of. He appealed to the better angels in each of us to understand that our common values and ideals transcend our differences and that America's rich diversity is a strength not a weakness. For the past eight years, I have truly been proud that this is one of the only Presidents whose administration has had no scandals.” said Williams, who spent time volunteering in North Carolina as an election protection lawyer during President Obama’s 2008 election.

“What I hope this proclamation shows to the kids in Mt. Vernon and everywhere is to never give up on your dreams, and to emulate the good in leaders like President Obama," added Williams.

"It is an honor that this proclamation would be presented to the Mt Vernon City School District as a tribute to President Barack Obama.  His leadership has set new heights, new hopes and filled our students with new possibilities.  While serving as the first African American President of the United States is a feat unparalleled it is also etched in our history as a reminder that we can be anything we set our minds to be.  What an amazing legacy that our children have been able to witness first hand,” said Dr. Kenneth Hamilton, Superintendent of the Mt. Vernon City School District.

PICTURED ABOVE: Legislator Lyndon Williams Presenting the Proclamation to Dr. Hamilton

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