Westchester County Legislators

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: Virginia Perez

Committee Members: Ben Boykin, Gordon Burrows, James Maisano, Sheila Marcotte, MaryJane Shimsky, John Testa, Alfreda Williams

Staff: Debby Linhardt

The Committee on Legislation is the clearinghouse for either new county laws or proposed amendments to existing laws. Legislation proposed by the county executive’s office must make a stop in the Legislation Committee before proceeding to a full vote of the Board. The Committee will determine if proposed legislation is in keeping with the Westchester County Charter. In addition to reviewing legislation sent to it, the Committee will also write and develop legislation to address emerging and critical issues that impact the quality of life, health, safety and welfare of Westchester residents.



The Week at the Board

Monday, September 18

B&A / INFRA 10:00 AM
E&RE 03:30 PM

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